Artists around the world are creating their own resilience with #artistsupportpledge

Starting on Instagram with a beautifully simple idea from Wirral born artist Matthew Burrows, the hashtag has allowed artists to create a network of sales supporting their own income at the same time as passing that support on to others.

#artistsupportpledge and @artistsupportpledge function on the basic nature of artists as generous and proactive. The pledge is that artists use the hashtag to sell work up to a value of £200. For every £1000 they earn they buy a work from another another artist.

As of 29th April the initiative had raised over £20,000,000 through over 100,000 posts. The success of this project has shone a light not just on the generosity of artists but on the importance of them to a global culture.

In a post on the instagram account set up to manage the global demand for this network of artist support, the rules are explained:

“So make a pledge and post your work using #artistsupportpledge and follow the #. keep updated on news and further opportunities @artistsupportpledge Repost and tell your friends, colleagues and collectors. For a users guide please see the HOW TO posts @artistsupportpledge – from @artistsupportpledge


To find out more, to purchase work directly from and in support of artists, locally, nationally and around the world search for #artistsupportpledge on instagram