Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Artinliverpool.com Community Interest Company

cic-dinner-1.jpgSo after a hectic few days organising our ‘Thank You Art Day‘ event we had a more chilled out day in New Brighton on Saturday.

But first, a bit of excitement as the morning post brought us a certificate from Companies House to say we are now a Community Interest Company hoorah!

Of course this means more incredibly boring paperwork, accounts etc. and I have to put our company number and contact details on the website (new regulations) but, hopefully, it well help us expand and ‘do more stuff’.

So we had our first board meeting at Bobby’s Bar and Grill on New Brighton front and made our first major decisions. After much debate I finally decided to go for the veggie burger and chips while Mrs J opted for the veggie baguette and potato wedges. This was a unanimous decision and was duly minuted and the ensuing result was delicious. I could get used to these business lunches.