Artinliverpool Supports ‘Under The Mud’ DVD Launch

Independent film takes over Liverpool bus (with your name on!) – jump on board! from Under The Mud on Vimeo.

Hard to believe it was Feb 2007 that we saw this film in the Philharmonic Hall. Its an excellent, funny and touching film. So now we are happy to be supporting the launch of the DVD.

Under the Mud is the work of a group of teenage first-time scriptwriters produced over two years of workshops in Liverpool, England. Critics, cinema-goers and film festivals alike have fallen in love with the story of teenage slacker, Magic, and a hectic day in the life of his “family from hell”.

Despite all this, the big distribution companies won’t risk their money on a film (that people love!) because it doesn’t have any big stars. Personally I think Andrew Schofield is a big star. They’ve finished making the film, they’ve got DVDs ready to sell, they just need to get the word out. And that’s where you come in.

They plan to release the DVD before the end of 2009 but they need as many backers as possible. Hopefully they will get enough support to drive a bus around Liverpool with the sponsors names on.

Always wanted to see Artinliverpool’s name on a bus! How about you?



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