Art on the move – commute in style!

Travel1_187.jpgArt on the move – commute in style!

To celebrate its 60th anniversary Arts Council England have commissioned and produced a series of ‘art on everyday objects’. The first in this series were artist designed re-usable shopping bags in partnership with Sainsbury’s. Now they have asked 9 award-winning artists, from different disciplines (music, design, literature, poetry), to design limited edition travel wallets which will be given out free of charge at various ‘travel interchanges’ (i.e. rail and bus stations)

The nine bespoke – and unique – travel-themed designs will have a wide appeal. By producing art on everyday objects, it is hoped to engage new people with the arts, inspiring and encouraging the public to think about how the arts play a role in our everyday lives.

5 of the 9 artists have links to the North West, one of whom is award winning author Jeanette Winterson who was born and brought up in Accrington.

So, if you happen to be near Lime St station this Friday lunchtime…