Art on The Cart

artonthecart.jpgThis is out of the area but might be something that could be implemented here. The Guardian comments on a scheme from Southwark Council in London in which dustcarts are being used to display the designs and work of local artists, from wallpapers to reproductions of paintings. The featured photograph is an amazing thing and I don’t see why this couldn’t be moved onto other vehicles in public spaces such as buses or trams.


  1. Having seen the results, I must heartily recommend the Art on a Cart initiative taken by Southwark Council in London. Surely it must make everyones day just a little brighter as they pass through the grey winter streets of Rotherhithe and come across the enormous tiger-like image that is the artist, Martin Mastersons, work on a dustcart. Wonderful stuff. May the initiative become an epidemic that affects London to Liverpool and all in between!!


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