Art in Liverpool Magazine, issue #21: February 2020 editorial

I’ve had two months off from writing these editorials and it’s been oddly difficult; enjoyable, relaxing, but always with a nagging idea that I should be putting my thoughts to paper. For what it’s worth, it’s probably not worth worrying about – it’s the rest of this paper that actually pours through the region’s highlights. I just sit here and sum it up, or drone on about something that seems relevant.

But there’s something cathartic about writing this. It’s always the last piece of the puzzle when this paper gets put together each month. The last words that get added. It’s similar to framing a finished painting, or opening the fresh batch of books from the printer, or that last mop before an exhibition opens to the public.

Anyway (before this turns into a stream of consciousness written mindfulness exercise). What I’m trying to get to is that this is going to be one of those years where nothing ever feels quite finished, where there’s an ever revolving last piece of the puzzle, and on page 6 the first piece is there, in print, and online, for everyone to see.

We’re back at the helm of another Independents Biennial this year, and following 2018 we wanted 2020 to be the year we created chances. The opportunities, of which this is just the first of many, for artists to push themselves out to new audiences, and to achieve goals they’ve always had, are there because the Independents is a space for conversation; for artists to have the chance to speak their mind, and for audiences to hear it; for audiences to give their opinions, and for artists to listen.

If you’re not an artist (not that there’s a piece of paper that qualifies you as one, or not) or you are, and this residency isn’t for you, then the date you need in your diary this year is 10th July. That’s the first day of Independents Biennial, and of Liverpool Biennial, and of Liverpool Arab Arts Festival. This summer is going to be loud, busy, and inescapably full of art.

And that means that there’ll be an editorial moment pretty much every day this year at Art in Liverpool. There’s always something to get finished in a festival year.