Art in Liverpool Magazine is now available online

Art in Liverpool Magazine, Digital issue#2

It comes down to this really: We started Art in Liverpool Magazine to tell people about the incredible visual art they had on their doorstep, and after one week started to get calls from abroad about how people could get a copy.

Liverpool is such a vocal and vibrant region, particularly when you stop and think how hard it is to leave the house without passing a gallery, studio, or public art work these days, so its no wonder that the rest of the world wants in on this magazine. And who are we to keep it from them…

If you’ve not got your hands on the limited edition printed copies of issue #1 or issue #2, take a look at them here, on our new magazine archive, which will be updated in the middle of every month once the print edition has found its way into the real world.

Please keep reading, and please keep turning that readership into action, going out and seeing the inspiring work we love to write about.

The digital edition of Art in Liverpool Magazine is available here