Are we doing enough to prepare for 2008?

Its not me that’s asking. Its the Daily Post. (Full article)

Jessica Shaughnessy looks at getting ready for 2008

FORMER Leader of Liverpool City Council Cllr Mike Storey led the city to victory in the battle for the title of European Capital of Culture 2008.

In those glorious moments after Liverpool won, Cllr Storey jubilantly said: “This is like Liverpool winning the Champions League, Everton winning the double and the Beatles reforming all in the same day – and then Steven Spielberg coming to the city to make a Hollywood-blockbuster about it.”

But, two years on, instead of looking back on his finest hour with satisfaction, Cllr Storey has expressed doubt about whether the city is ready for the big event.

Speaking to the Daily Post, he said: “I have concerns on two levels. Firstly, it’s about the legacy of Capital of Culture. I don’t think we have thought through what our legacy will be from this.”


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