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Get Involved in Architecture Week 15-24 June 2007!
Support Architecture Week North West, the annual celebration of architecture and the built environment.

This year, Architecture Week is eleven years old. To mark this we’re looking for individuals who can help us raise awareness of Architecture Week and demonstrate why architecture is important to everyone. Potential events include screening a film exploring an architectural theme, organising a ‘talk and tour’ of a significant building, architects opening their practices to the public or galleries hosting relevant exhibitions. However, there are numerous possibilities and all events are welcomed!

The theme this year is ‘How Green Is Our Space?’, so why not look at energy saving initiatives or how ‘green’ our homes, offices and schools are, and how they could be made more sustainable?

If you have an event that you wish to organise for Architecture Week you can do so by going to and entering the details online. The event will then go up on the site for the public to view. If you would like your event to go in the Architecture Week 2007 brochure then you need to submit details of the event by 26th March 2007.

More information about Architecture Week is below and can also be found at

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Anna Johnson, RIBA NW
Architecture Week 2007 NW Co-ordinator
tel: 0151 707 4380

Whether you’re an architect, a teacher, an artist, or just passionate about the built environment, why not organise an event for Architecture Week – the annual national celebration of contemporary architecture?

Can you envisage a children’s event which shows the relevance of architecture to every-day life? Could you screen a film that explores an architectural theme or organise a ‘talk and tour’ of a significant building? Are you an architect who is interested in opening your practice to the public or taking part in the RIBA Architect in the House initiative? Are you a gallery with a relevant exhibition, or a musician with an interest in sound and space? Or could you organise a cycle or boat tour to visit buildings? You could even be a photographer, designer, chef or actor who would like to join in and celebrate our built environment. We are looking for all these kinds of events and many more……

The main theme for Architecture Week 2007 is ‘How Green is Our Space?’
Buildings contribute around 50% of the UK’s carbon emissions, with houses making up 25% of that, so there’s a lot we can do to draw attention to our buildings and change our world. Architecture Week events across the country aim to make us all think about how ‘green’ our homes, offices and schools are, and how we can improve the spaces where we live and work to make them more sustainable.

Could you help children to assess their school and make it greener? Are you involved in organic food or films about climate change? Or could you encourage your workplace or community to take part in a local energy-saving initiative? Even if your event does not have a green theme, you can still be a part of Architecture Week, the main aim of which is to inspire people to think creatively about the spaces around them.

Why take part?
Architecture Week offers the opportunity for people to learn more about architecture and understand their own role in improving the environment through architecture. This is an opportunity for people from every sector to join and celebrate the built environment. This high profile initiative attracts significant attention from the media and the public. Using local event guides and the Architecture Week website we can help give your initiative the attention it deserves too, helping you attract attention to your event. Last year, several hundred different organisations took part across the country.

Architecture Week is now in its 11th year, and is organised by the Arts Council England, Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Architecture Centre Network. The aim of Architecture Week is to celebrate the best in contemporary architecture and its impact on the environment through a diverse programme of national and regional events presented to the public. Everyone can be involved in architecture and the environment in which they live and work.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING YOUR EVENT FOR THE PRINTED GUIDE IS 26 MARCH 2007. Events can be submitted to the website up until Architecture Week.

To register your interest email or telephone 0151 703 0107


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