Arabicity: Such A Near East. Ends Sunday 5 Sept

Ya’ illahi (God!) by Ayman Baalbaki


The Arabicity exhibition at the Bluecoat ends this Sunday 5 September 2010. I hope you don’t miss it, especially the large paintings by Ayman Baalbaki.

Arabicity: Such A Near East
at the Bluecoat
2 July – 5 September 2010
The opening of Arabicity coincided with the Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival, a 10 day celebration of Arabic Arts and Culture. The exhibition curated by Rose Issa, Arabicity introduces six contemporary artists, Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme, Chant Avedissian, Ayman Baalbaki, Fathi Hassan and Raeda Saadeh, all from the Arab World who explore their cultural heritage from unique perspectives.

The exhibition is about representations of the self, projecting and protecting one’s own image and personal iconography. The manner in which the artists negotiate and mediate between various cultural codes and practices is one full of warmth, humour and poetry.