And I will Walk 500 Hundred Miles…

pedometer-1.jpgExcept I went metric a long time ago so it’ll be more like 804.672 kilometers.

Some of you will recall that during the last Biennial 2 years ago (seems like only yesterday) I complained about all the walking I had to do and that next time I would buy a pedometer to see how far I had walked.

Well true to my word as ever I got this handy little device last week and have dutifully clipped it to my belt each day and logged the distance in my note book.

Since the press launch at the Adelphi on Thursday it tells me I have walked over 31 km on biennial-related duties. I had a day off on Sunday just strolling round the Hope Street Festival.
The figure shown here is 4.15 km for this evenings trip to Cornerstone, Bold St and Slater Street.

Busiest day so far, unsurprisingly was Friday when I travelled a total of 13 km though a fair number of those steps were on the dance floor at Carling Academy.


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