Alex Corina – Thanks and Studio Spaces Available

From Alex Corina…

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to my recent election campaign in Cressington Ward. If you hadn’t heard I got 316 votes (the Lib – Dem won) but I couldn’t have done it with out the fantastic support I had from the other artists and those concerned about the city councils approach to the Capital Of Culture

I threw my hat in the ring at the last minute (2 weeks before the election was called) out of frustration at the lack of progress in Garston but also at the increasing marginalising of artists in Liverpool in the run up to the Capital Of Culture.

I think it was a remarkable result under the circumstances the others had party machines and had been at it for months. I notice the same frustration is felt by increasing numbers of artists working in the city and those forever playing ‘musical studios’ in the city centre.

I found the Liverpool Independents blog a bit ironic though (which I must confess I only noticed a couple of days ago on Artinliverpool I’m not a member). ‘Save The Independents’ calling for a ‘lobby of councillors MPs and any one interested in the run up to the election’ I’m still waiting. I think artists really do have to start to think outside their own boxes when it comes to campaigning.

From next week Art Works Studios in Duke Street Garston will be available for immediate occupation there is room for 15 to 20 artists and creative businesses

If you are interested and want to here more contact Alex Corina on or 0776 338 8509


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