Alex Corina Showing at The Royal

a_corina_trans_legacy.jpgAlex Corina Showing at the Royal

Written by Lucia Andrea Sweeney in collaboration with Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney.
Photograph c/o Artist Alex Corina and Portrait by Tony Knox.
01 August 2007.

The following is written in conjunction with Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney and Tony Knox and furthermore after consultation with Alex Corina to share in this ironic turn of events …

Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney (Projects Co-ordinator) and Tony Knox (Project Curator) have been preparing the collection of art for the Transvoyeur Legacy Project from many different artists, as far as China, Lithuania and Garston. This will be contemporary art on display of the Emergency Department of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital (Liverpool, England) and to be officially announced later this month.

Sweeney had not heard back from Alex Corina on the original piece donated of the Four Men of the Apocalypse depicting Death as one of the riders. After preliminary discussions with Transvoyeur Management and the Senior members of staff from the Emergency Department, it was mutually agreed a more uplifting subject from Corina would meet the objectives of placing art in the public space to instill a positive experience.

corina_taylor_002.jpgKnox contacted Corina and left a voice message: “Hello Alex, Tony Knox here. Calling about the art for the Emergency Department permanent display collection. Although you piece is exceptional … erm … the subject is a bit too closely related to … erm, well, death for the space. Can you please call me to advise on swapping with another piece?


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