Albert Dock – Rob Davies Exhibition

rob davies image ‘Vital Energy’ Recent paintings by Robert D Davies at Albert Dock unit C8
Exhibition 19th April to 27th April 2008.

An exploration of spontaneity, and a depiction of ‘Vital Energy’ which is a phrase mentioned in Tao-ist and Zen teachings. Rob is inspired by Western Films and TV in his recent work he has drawn inspiration from the vital energy in today’s media.

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Talking about the exhibition Rob Davies said:

“I am interested in martial arts such as Aikido and Tai-Chi, which is sometimes called ‘moving meditation’ my work is always going through transitions, but the paintings I have been producing recently have brought together a lot of elements from experiments and explorations in my work over the years along with occasional references to film and T.V. Our eyes have a tendency to jump about, and perhaps film and television has further influenced our perceptions in some way. I am so pleased to be able to share this exhibition during the Albert Dock’s Birthday celebrations, and look forward to sharing the work with the visitors to the Dock’

Speaking about the Vital Energy Exhibition Joe Edge, Director of the Albert Dock Company said:

“Albert Dock Company is delighted to welcome an artist that is of Rob Davies’s calibre, we are committed to a long term strategy of support for local artists and I certainly think giving a space and a showcase for local talent is vital in this Liverpool’s year as Capital of Culture and beyond. We look forward to welcoming all the family here to join us in celebrating the 20 years since the official opening of Albert Dock by Prince Charles”

Rob Davies B.A (Hons) Fine Art degree, 1990-1993 at Staffordshire University and now lives and works in Liverpool.