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Albert Dock – Gaia Project

logoGaia Project presents… URBAN/ECOLOGY. 25 October – 30 November 2008
Launch Saturday 25 Oct 18-21.00, Gaia Cabinet, Albert Dock, Unit 17 The Colonnades
Created by Gaia Project, URBAN/ECOLOGY is a cross-disciplinary environmental arts project.

Our primary objective is to promote the Gaia Project ‘art-ecology’ philosophy to the wider public and to put this on Liverpool’s cultural agenda in 2008.

Artists: ArtYarn | James Brady | Rob Bailey | Anne Earnshaw | Ben Gwilliam | David Haley
Sarah Hardacre | Rebecca McKnight | Jacqueline McCormick | Janette Porter
Tim Pugh | Scott Thurston & Elizabeth Willow | Tenneson & Dale

Site-specific outdoor public performances and interventions will take place at various locations across Liverpool 20th September – 30th November 2008.

Artworks and public events will be ongoing in our Gaia Cabinet studio/exhibition space located at 17 The Colonnades, Albert Dock 26th October – 30th November 2008.
For further information on what we’re doing please feel free to email us on

Our primary objective is to promote the Gaia Project ‘art-ecology-community’ philosophy to the wider public and to put this on Liverpool’s cultural agenda in 2008. We will endeavour to achieve this by working with a group of artists who will collectively exist as the URBAN/ECOLOGY project team.

The priority for the artists will be to publicly communicate the importance and relevance of – the current ‘environmental’ debate – the inextricable links that ecological systems have to our daily lives – and subsequently to explore how climate change is affecting the environments in which we live in a local and national context.

Our team have been invited to engage with particular locations throughout the city and/or with environmental issues specific to Liverpool and Merseyside. The artists are free to practice within their own theoretical agenda and according to their own working forms. However diverse the approaches and results of the artists’ interventions are, they are all be united by the common premise of working creatively with ecological systems and wider environmental issues in the urban context of Liverpool.

The ecological systems of Liverpool are made most visible and accessible to us through the wildlife in parks, rivers and other green spaces for example. Evidence of this thriving ecology is also visible in places of dereliction and urban decay – Brownfield spaces that exist on the very margins of public use and accessibility. Many of our artists will explore these places to reveal the fact that our great city is built upon a living, breathing earth!

How we interact with this urban ecology and how we use these spaces is infrequently an issue addressed in the arts from a historical, social and environmental perspective. Gaia Project aims to address this and make an active contribution to raising a public awareness of it.