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aesthetica magazineCatching up on some reading today, I have just been perusing the latest issue of Aesthetica, a quarterly magazine for contemporary writing, arts, music and film. Its edited by Cherie Federico who, in the editorial, says “Change is spectacular, change is powerful, change is good…. Browse through your pages and think about the inherent nature of change and the beauty that it emits” Now, this is my philosophy too, so that’s a good start.
There’s a couple of pages of News, the magazine is based in York so these items tend to be Yorkshire based but all the rest has a much wider focus. Five pages of poems and several pages of short fiction stories by both new and established poets and writers are good for dipping into whenever I have a few spare minutes.

The Books section includes several reviews as well as an interesting article by Will Buckingham of the excellent discussing whether online publishing is ‘Proper publishing’. Of course it is but we all like to have rows of printed books on our shelves too.

There’s a good Art section which features the African Books Collective. A shame that a couple of pages are wasted on a piece by a stuckist spouting their same old nonsense, we really shouldn’t give them any encouragement.
Then there’s Music reviews and interviews with The Yards and Hayley Hutchinson, a Film section and articles on Online arts.

I like the design of the magazine, everything is clear and easy on the eye. Aesthetica have a design and editing businesses too, there’s obviously a significant group of experienced people involved in this venture.

You can subscribe and check out full details on their website


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