A Song For Liverpool

song-for-lpl.jpgOh, I can’t wait to hear some the entries, should be fun but possibly painful.

from liverpool08.com…

Song For Liverpool

Radio City as part of the Open Culture project has launched a competition to find a ‘Song for Liverpool’.

The Competition aims to find a brand new song to represent Liverpool for 2008. The song can be any musical genre (dance, pop, rock, folk, soul, country etc) The meaning behind the song can be as personal or populist as the writer chooses and on any subject to do with Liverpool.

The Top 10 songs will be put to the public vote and the winner will represent the city for years to come!

The track will be professionally recorded at ‘Mersey Studios’ and played on Radio City 96.7, Magic 1548 and BBC Radio Merseyside.

Songs must be music and lyrics and this competition is open to any local singer songwriter(s) or bands based in Merseyside, the North West or North Wales.

Please post a CD or Cassette to: Song for Liverpool, Radio City 96.7, St Johns Beacon. 1 Houghton Street, Liverpool, L1 1RL.

All entrants accept the Terms & Conditions.

No CDs/Cassettes will be returned. Please do not send to the Liverpool Culture Company (OR artinliverpool!)


  1. I was talking Liverpool up long before the Capital of Culture was ever mentioned.
    My song How Can Anything(From Liverpool)was recorded in 2000.
    My video is on http://www.youtube.com/captaintav.
    The terms and conditions of this ‘song for Liverpool’ contest would mean my giving free use of my music to every business involved and their connections forever just for entering the competition.
    Smacks of exploitation of songwriters to me…..
    🙁 Tav


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