A photographic exposition of rural and tribal life and art forms

c. Ruth Dillon


From Liverpool artist / photographer, Ruth Dillon who is currently in India…

Art and Life.
A photographic exposition of rural and tribal life and art forms, commissioned by banglanatak.com

Culture and life are always intertwined. banglanatak dot com have initiated many new programs with both rural and tribal artists, and have been working exclusively to preserve and protect the creative practices of the Chau, Patachitra, Baul Fakiri, Jhummur and Ghambira and Domni artforms.

From Traditional masked dance, to social satire theatre, from the scrolls of the Patachitra and the melodic prose of the Bauls and Fakir’s the exhibition ‘Art and Life’ heralds a shift in art and its capacity to communicate without language. The once private village world of the performers and artists is now presented within the gallery space by two British artists Ruth Dillon and Jonathan Tooze.

The artist’s focus was not solely on the formal presentation of the practices, but on the human… the individuals place… and role of art within the community.

‘Art and Life’ brings an intimate portrait of village life to the city. A privileged glimpse of the artists in their natural environment. The rhythm and cycle of life informs and enriches all humans and art is a language without borders.

The current exhibition will open in Art Escape Goa, on April 1-3 2011, move to Studio 21 in Kolkata on Apr 8-14 and then be presented in Girona, Spain as part of an ongoing international tour.


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