A Foundation Has Closed

This has been rumoured for a few months, now we have confirmation that A Foundation has closed.

See the press release from Mark Waugh below. It’s a great shame, there’s been so many fantastic exhibitions there, most recently the wonderful Sachiko Abe and Antti Laitinen for the 2010 Biennial. I also remember some cool events and parties there too.

I do hope the buildings somehow continue to be used for art, it’s been a major part of the new Baltic Creative quarter. If I remember right, James Moores owns the buildings and in 2008 he committed to keeping them for quite a few years (at the time there were incorrect rumours they’d been sold off to property developers). But the organising of exhibitions, residencies, events etc. which the A Foundation did is a separate thing which needs sustainable funding and management – not a simple task at all. Good luck to whoever takes it on.

Check out the article and debate on the Seven Streets website.

From A Foundation’s Mark Waugh

Dear All

Thanks for the support. A Foundation will miss Liverpool.

Here is the press release which confirms the closure of A Foundation on 10th February 2011.

A Foundation is “not sustainable in either the long or the short term.” This was the judgement made by Arts Council England rejecting an application towards 33% of our costs in Liverpool for 2010 – 2011. Therefore A Foundation is closing.

Some highlights since 2006 have been: Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2010, Liverpool Biennial 2010 Touched – Sachiko Abe and Antti Laitinen, Live in Translation – Tatsumi Orimoto, Following Bauhaus – Artur Zmijewski Hearts and Minds – Jon Fawcett, The Economy of the Gift – Eric Bainbridge, Brass Art, Geta Bratescu, Elodie Pong, Jacob Dahlgren, Mark Harasimowicz, Rebecca Lennon and Shaun O’ Dell, A Curriculum – Florian Bielefeldt, Noel Cluit, Przemek Dzienis, Myles Painter, Hannah Perry, Philip Root, Elizabeth Skadden, Emily Speed, A World Rattled of Habit – Ben Rivers, Haroon Mirza, Daniel Pasteiner, Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2008, Communication and Association – Artists Anonymous, Far West Metro, Fantasty Studio – Project, Kyungwoo Chun, Yeondoo Jung, Young In Hong, Yongbaek Lee, Junebum Park, Sookyung Yee and Hyun-Mi Yoo, Encounters – Manuel Vason, Port City – Yto Barrada, Ursula Biemann, Mary Evans, Meschac Gaba, Melanie Jackson, Erik Van Lieshout, William Pope.L, Zineb Sedira, The Only Living (or Your Lonely Saucer Eyes) – Brian Griffiths, Triangle of Need – Catherine Sullivan, Cennet Bahcesi – Mustafa Hulusi, drum n’ basin – SIMPARCH, Sleep of Ulro – Goshka Macuga, Silent Sound – Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, Virtual Grizedale – Grizedale Arts and Office for Subversive Architecture

We’d like to thank our staff, audiences and funders for their support of this extraordinary achievement.



  1. Visited A Foundation during the Liverpool Biennial and saw Sachiko Abe’s live art, installation and drawings. It was one of the most fantastic pieces of art I have seen in ages. Made possible because of the large space available at A Foundation. Sorry to hear it has had to close.

  2. What a loss. Saw and loved Bloomberg contemporaies 2008 and 2010, Port City, Live in translation and many others. Will be very much missed.

  3. A Foundation had few peers in the UK or Europe… hopefully something will happen with Greenland Street but will it be as bonkers and brilliant as stuff like Gods Entertainment, Simparch or Sachiko Abe?

    Such inspiring ideas, it will be a really missed.

  4. Gutted to hear about the A Foundation closing- it’s had some brilliant stuff – always weird and wonderful use of all those great spaces. When I took visitors to Liverpool there they were always impressed by it as emblematic of the city’s vibrant arts scene. With that and Leaf closing that area is losing what made it worth going to.
    Will really miss it.

  5. Lest hope this is not a sign of the times, as Liverpool has always been a beckon in the north for art and culture and it should always been so. Always good to see new place opening up but better to see then stay open.

    internal doors

  6. This is so sad. I visited A Foundation during the recent Liverpool Biennel and thought it was the most fantastic space, with passionate staff and a brilliant and inspiring back catalogue of exhibitions and artists. Thank you so much for the opportunity to see Sachiko Abe’s performance, something that will stay with me for a very long time.


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