A Foundation Exhibitions Close after Sunday Apr 20

Just a reminder that the exhibitions at the A Foundation in Greenland Street end this Sunday April 20th. So if you haven’t seen them yet get along there this weekend and while you’re in Greenland Street you can also take in the Liverpool Art Prize and the Hawkins & Co exhibition in the Novas CUC across the road.

In The Blade Factory
Catherine Sullivan Triangle of Need
Triangle of Need’ is a multi-channel video installation, in which Catherine Sullivan orchestrates a complex set of ideas and participants to weave a nuanced story about evolution, class, wealth and poverty, and the inequalities and injustices in our global economy.

Mustafa Hulusi cennet bahÇesi
Fresh from representing Cyprus at this year’s Venice Biennale, Mustafa Hulusi will be unveiling a series of his large-scale paintings

In The Coach Shed
SIMPARCH drum n basin US based collective SIMPARCH will be realising a major new architectural installation

In The Furnace
Brian Griffiths The Only Living (or Your Lonely Saucer Eyes) Building on his recent success in creating Platform for Art’s first large-scale installation, The Furnace, one of the largest exhibition spaces outside of London, is a unique and challenging site for Griffiths’ latest work. For The Furnace, Griffiths will draw upon the devices and showmanship of sideshows and circuses, creating new sculptural works and selectively reworking the tradition of freak show banners.

A Foundation
Novas CUC


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