75,000 cups of tea in Trafalgar Square

Sounds like fun, Will there be refreshments I wonder?

Volunteers Needed Urgently night of 24th April and day of 25th April

Volunteers are needed urgently to lay out 75,000 cups of tea in Trafalgar Square as part of a documentary for Channel 4 called Genius: Human Footprint. This programme, due to be screened at 9.00pm on Thursday 26th April, features a series of art installations, illustrating a human life journey, showing all that we produce, consume and feel within the two billion, 475
million seconds that each of us will, on average, spend on earth.

On average we will drink 75,000 cups of tea over our lifetime. We want to visualise this for the film. This is the last installation for the programme and we really need the help of 150 volunteers to make it happen!

There will be 2 sessions:

1. 10.00pm tues. April 24th – 6.00am weds. April 25th
to lay out the tea.

2. 8.00am Weds April 25th – 3.00pm (ish) to wash and
pack the mugs

If you can help, firstly thank you, thank you, thank you!! and secondly please contact Emily at Touch Productions on emily@touchproductions.co.uk


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