‘4th Liverpool Biennial a success’

‘4th Liverpool Biennial a success’

I’m quoting the Biennial there.
I am sure it was a success, certainly was from my point if view but they’re very quick to reach this conclusion and don’t provide any statistics to back it up.

4th Liverpool Biennial a success


Liverpool Biennial 2006 has now closed. Many of the artworks commissioned and created specifically for Liverpool as part of International 06 will never be seen again. Some works are being shipped overseas back to the artists or to be shown elsewhere. The good news is two of the works will be staying longer in Liverpool due to their popularity (more information coming soon).

The festival has surpassed all expectations thanks to the support of stakeholders, the vision and work of our partners and the involvement of Liverpool’s community. The festival has benefited the local economy greatly as well as promoting Liverpool worldwide.

The Liverpool Biennial 2006 festival website remains, as a record of the event including information on International 06 artists.