’39 Art Day’ Friday – Update

Rennies Arts & Crafts in Bold Street and Peter Carr Photography are the latest recruits to ‘Thank You Art Day’ on Friday March 9 2007.
So if you need any art supplies go along to Rennies on Friday and quote ‘Thank You Art’ and get 15% discount on anything in the gallery, framing and limited editions as well as everything in the art shop.

Or buy one of Pete Carr’s fantastic prints from his vanilladays website and get 20% discount.

This is in addition to the other 20 offers from galleries and artists.
Keep checking the webpage for the list of offers.

But remember, March 9th is all about appreciating art so please just get out there and visit the galleries. Even if you don’t buy anything you can get free refreshments in several places and meet some of the artists at Cornerstone.


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