20/08 Competition – we have a winner

We had loads of entries for our camera competition for 20/08 day.

We chose the winner at random from the correct entries after midnight last night.

The winner has been informed.

Thanks to all who took part and sorry if you were not lucky this time.

Please look out for the next competition


  1. Why did i not win?, the lomo.
    I had every chance to win.
    why has chance only favoured the winner?
    perhaps next time only the looser should be picked,
    this way every one but one ,would win.
    well better to have a 100 wiinners then ten loosers, dnt you think?

  2. Well at least you had some chance of winning. I had none.
    I should have just kept the camera for myself and not given it away.

    Better luck next time.


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