08 Volunteers At The Ready


08 army called to action

Liverpool’s 08 Volunteers are being equipped for life on the cultural front line.

Hundreds of volunteers attended a briefing in the dramatic Great Hall of St George’s Hall on Monday, November 26 2007. Volunteers were issued with a new, environmentally-friendly uniform, provided by Ethel Austin, the official clothing supplier for Liverpool’s Capital of Culture year.

Launched in June 2005, the 08 Volunteer programme was created to ensure a friendly welcome for the extra 1.7 million visitors Liverpool is expecting during 2008. Starting with an early core of just 25 volunteers, the number of trained volunteers is now in excess of 600. Dozens more are currently going through the training process, which will bring the total to around 1,000 by the New Year.

Kris Donaldson, acting chief executive of the Liverpool Culture Company, said: “Over the last two and a half years we have worked hard to develop a volunteer programme with the capacity to help Liverpool deliver a truly fantastic 2008.


“We’re incredibly proud of the 08 Volunteers, who have already shown enormous dedication and commitment during the numerous events they have taken part in. This event is a chance to thank them for their help, and give them a comprehensive briefing about what they can look forward to next year.”