Myrtle is a group of

Myrtle is a group of artists who all graduated from Liverpool Community College this year, the college is in Myrtle St. you see. They held a degree exhibition at the Artspeq gallery in Quiggins which I enjoyed.

The Tunnels are The Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre in Smithdown Lane opposite the police station.

Ok, you have to pay up to £3.50 for the tour but if you haven’t seen these tunnels before they’re quite fascinating. Joseph Williamson employed many local people in the 1820/30s to build these tunnels seemingly just for his amusement or maybe to keep people in employment, he was known as the King of Edge Hill but later as the Mole of Edge Hill. Its a great story, you can read more on the ‘Friends‘ website.
What I wasn’t expecting was that the artworks had been created specifically to suit the venue so we have stalagmite type sculpture and various small things to fit into some of the many niches in the sandstone. Jane Hughes’ ‘After the Banquet’ echoes the piles of found earthenware around the site. Barbara Galt’s ‘Joseph’s Men’ is memorable partly because its brilliant whiteness illuminates the gloomy space. Note: you might want to take your own torch otherwise you’re dependent on the guide picking out some of the hidden gems.
I’ve only mentioned a couple of the works but they’re all interesting, new-graduate output seems to have a quality all of its own, je ne sais quoi, and the whole experience is one to remember. (and my guide was very nice too!)

This exhibition finishes on 17th Oct.
So if you’ve been following this blog and paying full attention you will have learnt about Henry Tate yesterday and Joseph Williamson today. There’s a lot more to Liverpool than pop music and football you know!