Vocal Play: workshops for voice only

I remember the Feral Choir from last year, sounds like good fun.

Saturday 22nd September 2007: 1.00 – 3.00 pm
Location: Toxteth TV Studio, Windsor Street, Liverpool

Workshop web-presence: http://www.frakture.org/workshops/vocalplay.htm
Location: http://www.frakture.org/Venues/toxtehtv.htm

Following on from the success of The Feral Choir in 2006 , SWIM: (Sound workshops in music) have been delivering a series of voice workshops called, Vocal Play, mainly informal session aimed at releasing the voice and exploring our personal and collective sounds.
Anne Marie Howard will be leading the September session. Her experience based vocal improvisation workshop aims to challenge traditional perceptions of vocal potential. During the session, participants will be lead through a series of warm-ups and exercises with individual and group creativity as its goal.

Vocal Play invites you to celebrate the voice in a session driven by free improvisation and a sense of play, no singing experience is necessary, just PLAY.

All welcome

To play might mean: to do it now, as you are; to improvise,
to use what is at hand; to enter into a game, not just to act according to someone else’s set of rules, but to invent processes, ways of doing things, protocols; to imagine new ways of being together, of proceeding.


They will cost £4.00 per session (£2 concessions)

Please arrive 10 minutes before the session in order to start on time. It is advisable to bring a drink of water with you.

SWIM: Sound Workshops in Music
36 Windsor Street, Liverpool L8 1XF
0151 709 6123

Funded By PRSF & Community Foundation for Merseyside.