the Whoopee Cushion Waltz at the Musicians’ Gallery – The Walker

A free concert, to which adults are invited if accompanied by children or those of a frivolous disposition. On Saturday 21st November at 2 pm, Ken Johnson, a classical violinist, demon whistler and welder of cow bells, creates the first of the new compositions in which the audience can join in using whatever materials are to hand ….
The Musicians Gallery started in October, 2009 and runs to the end of March 2010, and happens each week between 2-4pm. The programme offers visitors the chance to encounter both the magnificent artwork of the Walker Art Gallery and music which is an eclectic mix but all worth a good listening-to.

The programme, from avante garde to jazz, world, folk & classical, and largely acoustic, is produced by Dave Ellwand to work around the diverse artworks on display in the many different galleries. It’s a chance for soloists, bands, choirs and small ensembles either to showcase their current work or to try out something unusual and challenging, and includes both many from the pool of local talent as well as other professional musicians visiting the city.

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