The Mighty ZEB at the Picket – Fri 17 Dec 2010


Just a quick plug for our ZEB and Picket friends.

Not sure about the smoking, green Father Crimbo though!

Friday 17th December, 8pm.

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!

Put on yer glad rags and comfy dancing shoes for this one, brothers and sisters!

Arguably the best Christmas party this season won’t, for once, be round your Nin’s back kitchen; it’ll be at Liverpool’s legendary Picket on Friday 17th December.

This is when equally legendary Scouse underground dub band the mighty ZEB play again, after their sell-out storming comeback show there in the summer.

Support from the inimitable RAW BONES and THE CORINTHIANS, featuring Joey Zeb, Colin ex-Monkey Mafia, plus Nicky Talent and Innuendo.

DJ Sonny and DJ Sloane will be providing aural entertainment. Just announced Bernie Connor and his Sound of Music added to the bill.
Plus Very Special Guests and Christmas treats for good boys and girls!

So just how good does this gig promise to be? Hotter than the latest scoop from WikiLeaks! Amy from Nerve said it best in her review of the July gig:

“The music kicked in and the crowd went from mad to beserk. This was heady, magic, ethereal stuff: the stuff of dreams.

You couldn’t help but get carried along with the groovy basslines, and bursting trumpet ‘n’ sax that was reminiscent of a thousand flowers in bloom.

Everyone stomped and sang along like a gorgeous and well-tuned Scouse cats’ choir. All in all the Return of the Zeb proved to be a most beautiful and raucous affair.

Bet you’re gutted that you missed it.”

Avoid that gutted feeling by not missing out.

Doors open at 8pm (at the nice price of £7.50), party on till 2am,

and the first 50 people in will receive a FREE Zeb or The Sound of Music CD.

Christmas comes early if you are!

The Picket,
61 Jordan Street,
Venue Office 0151 708 6789.

The PICKET Liverpool is supported by the City of Liverpool and Love Culture.


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