Soundnetwork – ‘The Barber Development Event’

Via Soundnetwork…

Soundnetwork have a meeting in Static at 17.30 on Thursday Feb 8 2007 to discuss plans for 2007.
More details form them:

This is followed by…

The Barber Development Event

Back Bittern Street
Behind the Feathers Pub
Off Mount Pleasant
From 19.00 Thursday Feb 8 2007

An event which is part of the development process of a multi media installation for the Autumn of 2008, which as well as creating an exciting new work involving live performance and video installations will seek to build strong creative relationships between the various communities, artistic and otherwise in the Back Bittern street area of the city. Thursday event takes as its theme “The Barber” and will involve video installations, a DJ, live music featuring a baritone with piano accompaniment and other surprises.


Nick Lander, Phil Morton, Hope University students, Patricia McKinnon-Day are some of the people involved.