SCCC, Frank Cottrell Boyce and Ramsey Campbell


Really thought today was going to be a washout but just in time the rain stopped and a fun-filled day ensued as Seal Cub Clubbing Club took the stage in the Rockscape outdoor venue on Renshaw St. They’re an excellent band who ‘love to read’ and decided to organise this Super Science Fiction festival to launch their album, it may be an annual event.

In between sets of their songs, some of which include short readings from novels, there were readings by Frank Cottrell Boyce, Ramsey Campbell and Zoe Lambert. Cottrell Boyce read a short story he had written a long time ago about Alien Catholics, the Pope and the old Bisto advert – it was very funny. Ramsey Campbell, the great Horror writer, is also Liverpool born and lives on the Wirral, he read part of one of his books which is set in Liverpool, it was pretty scary, I think I’ll avoid Moorfields station for the forseeable future.

We left before the end so missed Zoe Lambert. Looking forward to the SCCC’s album ‘Super Science Fiction which goes on sale on 27 April 2009