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Pet Shop Boys at Summer Pops

pet shop boys at Summer Pops 2006On Thursday afternoon I posted that the Summer Pops was starting and I more or less said it was a load of old rubbish anyway.

So with perfect timing a few hours later I learned that I had won 2 free tickets to see the Pet Shop Boys on Sunday night (thanks to the 08 Ambassador scheme). I did say that this was one of the few acts I might have considered going to so I collected my tickets (people actually pay £42.50 for these!!) and had my first Summer Pops in a Big Tent Experience.

The support band ‘Client‘ were rather boring, seemed promising at first but no variety, lyrically or musically. I spent more time studying my watch and the surroundings than watching the band.

The main act was very good, they put together a great show with excellent visuals, dancers and support vocalists.
We were treated to all the old favourites with an encore of Its a Sin and Go West.
Their more recent stuff is crap though and why do people pay all this money for good seats then insist on standing up, forcing us all to stand up for an hour? And why pay to hear professional singers and then drown them out with your own awful voice? Some people!

On the whole, I eally enjoyed it. The events here are well organised and the facilities (inluding portaloos) are ok.
Allow yourself half an hour to get out of the car park.