Paul Du Noyer in Conversation plus Great View and Music

View from 5th floor of Hope Street Hotel

Paul Du Noyer in Conversation plus Great View and Music | Hope Street, Liverpool.

The new extension to Hope Street Hotel has a lovely function room (with bar) on the fifth floor. It comes complete with large outdoor terrace affording magnificent views of  Liverpool. Do take a look if you get the chance and there are bound to be many opportunities as last night’s Geek Chic event was such a success there will have to be many more in future.

In case you didn’t know, Club Geek Chic is run by Gemma Aldcroft and Karen Podesta and is..

The most sophisticated night out in Liverpool.

Always innovative, never run of the mill, Geek Chic offers an alternative to the booze fuelled, decibel heavy bar and club scene in Liverpool.

A haven for the new intelligentsia and the fun loving, Geek Chic events offer a place to meet, talk, dance, drink and eat.


Our inspiration comes from the worlds of Burlesque, German cabaret, the Viennese coffee houses, the Georgian and Victorian gentlemen’s clubs and the Salons of the 17th century French nobility.

Conversation, cultivation and sophistication are the order of the day at our events.

I’ll leave the Burlesque for others, there was none of that here, just a fascinating interview with Paul Du Noyer being questioned by Mike Neary interspersed with acoustic music by local emerging singers – Ragz, Carrie Hayden and Dave O’Grady and finishing with Ian McNabb singing ‘Working Class Hero’. I though this format worked perfectly with about 20 minutes of chat followed by one song then aonther 20 minutes etc. with a long break midway for drinks etc.

It was an entertaining and informative interview (remember when ‘chat shows’ used to be like that many years ago?) as we followed Paul Du Noyer’s working life starting as the lowest of the low at NME, working his way up, launching Q magazine then Mojo, followed by Heat (he admits this was his worst career decision) and finally The Word. We heard about a few of his interviews with the likes of Madonna, Lou Reed, Van Morrison, David Bowie and his long working relationship with Paul McCartney.

Du Noyer grew up in Liverpool and has maintained a close association with the city, his book ‘Liverpool: Wondrous Place’ is by all accounts and excellent read.

This was the first ‘In Conversation…’ event, we look forward to more.

Mike Neary interviews Paul Du Noyer