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Next Frakture Gig – St Brides Friday April 13

A Splash of Improvisation 17
Presented by Frakture
Splash: a series gigs of free improvisation featuring local players

Friday 13th April
Doors Open 20.00
Gig Starts 20.15
Admission, £3.00
Venue: St Brides Church, Catherine Street, and Liverpool

Three great acts for £3.00 featuring creative musicians from Liverpool and the North West: Noise Club, Pascal Nichols & Phil Morton Duo; Fist of a Pacifist
A range of regulars and newcomers in a great acoustic setting

Noise Club:
Undulating waves of sonic destruction
Brain-destroying noise, bringing complete mental collapse. Bring on the Apocalypse!
Bring on l: Tim Downey – guitar, laptop, effects; Roz Hyde – visuals, analogue keyboard; Si Jones – violin, double bass, contact mics ; Mike Loftus – homemade devices and implements, hacksaw violin
Web Link:

Pascal Nichols & Phil Morton Duo
Strings and skins: knots & solutionsA new collaboration for the two. For Phil Morton it is a return to the duo format and the classic improv guitar/drums line-up. Pascal Nicols is a members of Stuckometer Pascal Nichol, has played shows in UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark as part of improvised no-wave band stuckometer. Currently playing as a drum set duo with Patrick Farmer. and this new duo…
Fist Of A Pacifist
Steve Hood, Rob Dainton & Special Guest
Alternately energetic and reflective improvised music, thematic or free, explores the sound world of the ‘New Thing’ in a contemporary setting.
Rob Dainton Drumset and percussion.
Steve Hood guitar and electronics. Plus special guest