Mayming and The Long Walk


mayming.jpgIts been a while since we’ve spent an evening just relaxing at a good concert. This was a good one, it was a sort of taster for the full Long Walk event taking place at the Cornerstone on March 14th & 15th 2008 and featured members of Frakture and the Long Walk Choir, Graham Massey and Graham Clark, then Mayming.

MAYMING are Cellist Semay Wu and Seaming To, known for her extraordinary vocals with Ninja Tune band Homelife. They experiment with electronic effects and loop sampling in music that consists of composed and traditional pieces used as the basis for improvisation. They combine cello, voice, laptop and sampler to produce beautifully emotive and challenging music.

Graham Clark & Graham Massey
With 30 years experience of playing together the two Grahams have a telepathic form of music making based on Clarks extensive work as an improviser on the violin and Masseys role as one of the pioneers of Electronica with 808 state. In this context Clark plays the electric violin while Massey supplies lush ambient soundscapes with the addition of wind instruments and guitar.

The LONG WALK is commissioned by The Liverpool Culture Company Limited as part of the 2008 European Capital of Culture Programme

The Long Walk is a journey through music in response to the Morecambe Bay tragedy of February 2004
23 lives lost to the sea.
23 Chinese immigrant workers tragically lost their lives whilst cockling at night in Morecambe Bay. A heart-rending tragedy that caused shock-waves around the UK and raised critical awareness of issues concerning migrant workers and their human rights.
In March 2007 More Music initiated The Long Walk; a unique response to the catastrophe through an ambitious international project in music and culture involving hundreds of people of all ages from Northern England and China.


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