Liverpool Commissions 08 – Hive Twilight City Event #1

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hive-logo.jpgHive Twilight City is a series of four high profile audiovisual performances taking place over the course of 2008 that will pay tribute to a potentially overlooked part of Liverpool’s essence: its industrial and business buildings, the iconic and the mundane, Liverpool as an artistic “space” with a focus on both the city centre and the suburb.

Each event will act as a snapshot prior to the city’s ongoing mutation into a premier 21st Century City and work as a celebration of existing city structures as the city itself moves onwards. In each event familiar sounds are reworked, familiar sights distorted in a feast of the best in new electronic music and state of the art projected visuals.

For our first event – Industry versioned – Hive’s visual artists reclaim and transform a central warehouse space to remediate the city’s industrial heritage. By using historic and contemporary moving image the event will present a visual dub of a city which is constantly being reworked and re-imagined, all to a soundtrack by some of the best names in contemporary electronic music. This re-use and remixing is echoed in the musical line-up of Industry versioned. The Jamaican dub practice of reworking existing sounds into new forms is a theme that runs through the event. Live sets from The Bug Featuring Warrior Queen and dubstep pioneer Shackleton bring a mix of reggae, dub and state-of-the-art electronics to the city, reflecting the cutting edge of Britain’s contemporary urban soundscape.

Also, in a very special collaboration, Jah Wobble mixes his world renowned dub bass sound with the ‘motorik’ rhythms of Can’s Jaki Liebezeit alongside Liverpool’s acclaimed sound artist Philip Jeck. The motorik sound (itself a reflection of the rhythm and sound of the modern city) is also given a contemporary twist by Liverpool’s critically acclaimed experimental rock band Kling Klang.

All-in-all, Industry versioned presents a unique opportunity to experience a one off re-version of Liverpool’s industrial cityscape through the best in sound and vision.


Twilight City is supported by the Liverpool Culture Company Ltd as part of the European Capital of Culture 2008 programme.

Event #1 Industry versioned
Leaf Warehouse, Friday 7th March, 8pm – 3am, £8

Jah Wobble/Jaki Liebezeit/Philip Jeck (UK, DE)
Shackleton (UK)
The Bug feat. Warrior Queen (UK, JA)
Kling Klang (UK)

Djs Furness b2b Venom b2b Dreadnought (UK)
Dj Alextronic (UK)
Hive visual artists (UK)

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