Jah Wobble-Chinese Dub – Carling Academy 5 July

WORLD PREMIERE: Saturday 5 July, Carling Academy, Liverpool

Jah Wobble-Chinese Dub

A 22-piece Anglo-Chinese aural and visual spectacular

Saturday 5 July: Carling Academy, 11-13 Hotham Street, Liverpool
Box Office: 0151 707 3200; Tickets: £10; Time: 7pm
This date also features the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra, and is supported by The Liverpool Culture Company Ltd as part of the 2008 European Capital of Culture programme

Jah Wobble-Chinese Dub is a new commission by The Liverpool Culture Company for European Capital of Culture by legendary bass player and contemporary renaissance man.

Combining Jah Wobble’s trademark dub with Chinese melodies and instrumentation, the 22-piece outfit features singers from Tibet and Yunnan Province, dancers from Hangzhou, Sichuan Opera Mask Changers, and an Anglo-Chinese dub band made up of bass, drums, guzheng, yangchin, bamboo flute, and gourd pipe.

Wang Jingqi, from the Mao ethnic minority of China (part of Yunnan Province), and Tibetan Gu Ying Ji, provide vocals; Zi Lan Liao, internationally acclaimed guzheng (Chinese zither) player, flautist Clive Bell, guitarist Chris Cookson, drummer Mark Sanders, and percussionist Neville Murray join Jah Wobble in the Anglo-Chinese dub band.

The music is accompanied by displays of two ancient Chinese performing arts: Tang Dynasty Dance, and Mask Change, a specialty of Sichuan Opera. Mask Changing is a magical form of Chinese expressionist theatre, first documented 300 years ago. Highly dexterous performers use different masks to express a range of emotions; skilled performers can change over ten masks in less than 20 seconds. It takes many years to master the technique, and in China today there are less than 200 artists who are able to perform the Mask Change. Tang Dynasty Dance has developed over thousands of years, evolving from a few simple gestures into the intricate, highly skilled art form it is today. The modern presentation of Tang Dynasty Dance provides an insight into ancient China’s distinct traditions and customs.

Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra (PCYO), the oldest and largest Chinese youth orchestra in Europe, also makes a special appearance at the Liverpool show. Currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, the PCYO is made up of young people between the ages of four and 18, all playing Chinese musical instruments.

“Jah Wobble – Chinese Dub has been supported through the Liverpool Commissions strand of the 08 programme which celebrates and encourages new and eclectic collaborations between artists,” said Fiona Gasper, Executive Producer, Liverpool Culture Company. “We are delighted to be supporting this exciting new work with Jah Wobble and the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra, which will premiere in Liverpool before embarking on a UK tour.”

Jah Wobble-Chinese Dub is supported by The Liverpool Culture Company Ltd as part of the 2008 European Capital of Culture programme. Arts Council England North West also supports the Chinese Dub tour.

Jah Wobble’s Chinese Dub EP, available FREE as a MP3 stream via 30hertzrecords.com, features seven tracks; a full album is due for release in late 2008. The EP was specially recorded for Liverpool 2008 European Capital of Culture, and includes contributions from the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra.