Hive Twilight City – Event 2. 12 July 08

Another music event – this is one of the Liverpool 08 Commissions.

Hive Twilight City – Event #2 – Shopping: Remixed / You are Sound – Saturday July 12th 2008

For the second Twilight City Event, Hive present two free performances that explore Liverpool’s burgeoning retail environment and its impact on the people of the city.

Performance 1: St John’s Shopping Centre 3-5pm Free entry
In an inversion of the usual passive ‘background music’ associated with shops and malls, the first performance will engage with the city’s shops and shoppers to turn the St John’s Shopping Centre into an interactive musical instrument. Wearing distinctive costumes, eight local performers (Noise Club) will walk through the Centre making music from the everyday objects that are on sale, as well as those who shop there. A film crew will be on hand to record the event, and information about the performance will be shown on the BBC Big Screen outside St John’s during the event itself.

Performance 2: The Box, FACT, 6-8pm Free entry
The second performance, at FACT, sees renowned electronic artist Machinefabriek utilize sounds recorded across the city’s retail district to create a unique soundtrack to a changing city. Support comes from Matthew Fairclough and Kathy Hinde, who will transform ordinary household objects into beautiful music and visuals.

About the Artists
Noise Club (UK)

Doyens of the experimental music scene, Liverpool based sound artists Noise Club have been performing together since 2003. The group works through improvisation to create pieces which mix ideas from punk, rock, jazz, electronica and classical music into one unified soundscape.

Matthew Fairclough/ Kathy Hinde (UK)
Inspired by the musique concrète tradition, internationally renowned audiovisual team Matthew Fairclough and Kathy Hinde bring everyday household objects to life through a unique performance involving bicycles, pots, pans and decorative wind chimes. Fairclough and Hinde have collaborated with some of contemporary music’s most illustrious performers including the Elysian Quartet and Joanna McGregor, and have toured extensively in Europe and China.

Machinefabriek (NL)
Rutger Zuydervelt is one of the rising stars of electronic music. His prolific output of releases on numerous labels such as 12K and Type have earned him international critical acclaim. In this performance he will be integrating specially recorded ambient soundscapes of Liverpool’s retail environment into beautiful, dreamlike and often unsettling music.