Batala ‘Encontro’ Liverpool September 2006

Batala_poster.jpgI’m looking forward to this. Batala are very good, the Friday evening event should be very interesting.

Brazilian percussion band Batala will be holding their ‘ENCONTRO’ or ‘MEETING’ in Liverpool in September 2006!! Different bands from throughout Europe and Brazil will get together for one great event- the first time in the UK!!! The event is running for three days and is free of charge!!!

Friday 22 September.
There will be three parades.
Three bands will parade separately at three different locations starting at
10pm and converge for a massive performance in Liverpool city centre in
Williamson Square at 12 midnight- follow the noise!!!

First band- Mathew st. at its junction with north John st.
Second band- Bold st. at its junction with Slater st.
Third band- Church st. at its junction with Basnett st.

Saturday afternoon 23 September.
Batala parade at the Albert Dock along salthouse Dock from 1:30pm to
2:pm and then go to perform outside the Maritime museum.

Saturday night 23 September. Party night.
Early on there will be a private party for menbers of Batala and at 10pm
members of the paying public will enjoy a Brazilian/Latin American party
with live music, DJ’s- DJ Juanito too- and performances from Latin American
dancers and students! More details coming soon.


Sunday afternoon. 24 September.
Batala parade from Myrtle Street Community college to Princes park from
1:pm to 2:pm.
Afterwards there will be a performance in the park.

Go to or to get the latest info about the event ie: venues, times and performances etc or look out for posters, flyers and the local press etc.