Museum-of-Liverpool16.00 – 20.00

Visitors can enjoy the late opening with a programme of historical performances, demonstrations and live music at the Museum of Liverpool. Relax with a glass of wine and delicious food in The Waterfront café, and find a wide range of nostalgic gifts in the shop ranging from a replica Ford Anglia to Ben Johnson’s ‘Liverpool Cityscape’.

Memory Box
Intervals between 16.00 — 20.00 in the Atrium and Education Area 1
Travel back in time to meet our earliest ancestors who were living with the Romans in the area, and explore how they lived their lives, and most importantly, how we know.

Prosthetic Make-up Artist
Intervals between 16.00 — 20.00 in the Atrium and Education Area 1
A prosthetic make-up artist will be on hand to apply gory wounds to children.

The House of Memories
Intervals between 16.00 — 20.00 on floor 2
The House of Memories will celebrate living memories with the chance to explore resources which can support all older visitors, particularly those living with dementia. Visitors can join the team for hands-on access to Memory Boxes and enjoy a short Memory Walk of the Museum.

Little Liverpool
Stay up past your bedtime! Little Liverpool – our special gallery for children aged 6 and under will be open for a special late night session. Collect your free tickets from the Welcome Desk.

16.00 — 20.00
A workshop with a bone specialist demonstrating the way we can learn about past lives from human remains.


Family friendly