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From Peter Worthington, South Bohemia Art Gallery

Brief on St Georges Hall Grand Art Exhibition 3rd to 7th May 2006

The Capital of Culture crown, which Liverpool has won for 2008, has created a huge renaissance in art and the culture of the city. Different themes have been used to highlight the many aspects of art and culture; this year the city is celebrating the themes of art and sport through performance. The Culture Company is promoting the sport of squash as a performance of culture in the prestigious St Georges Hall, one of the most beautiful buildings in Britain. To complement the performance of sport, the South Bohemia Art Gallery and it’s associate, Boho Dolls, are curating an art exhibition with performing arts to facilitate integration in the themes in one grand event.
The exhibition will in many ways express the performance of the sporting people of Merseyside and the musical and theatrical skills of the city, with the diverse talents of the exhibitors. 
Two preliminary exhibitions will be held before the grand exhibition to showcase some of the work and allow artists new to the world of exhibitions to gain valuable experience and participate fully in the themed year.
18th April. “Epstein’s”, Anfield Road. Exhibition of work by one of Liverpool’s most successful contemporary artists. This exhibition focuses on Liverpool football clubs triumphant return in 2005 and the vast musical talents of the city through figurative art.
26th April. “The Egg Gallery”, Liverpool City Centre. A group show of artists new to the city that has transgressed social, cultural, religious, physical and psychological barriers to integrate into art and new communities. Their work exemplifies the influence of music and it’s penetration through the ages and cultures of the world.
Audience / participants.
The general public, ratepayers, communities, tourists, television viewers, cable and satellite viewers, local, national and world wide.
Open to all, no charge for viewing the art or performances.
Visual art.
 Oil, water and acrylic figurative and abstract pieces. Wood, stone and manufactured sculptures. Installation pieces, tracing history of women in sport from Greek times to modern day.
There will be up 200 different artists showing their work, most are from Liverpool, but many are national and international artists.
There will be a thirty-piece drum band, professional dancers, and graduates of LIPA.
A choir of national acclaim. Two musical groups, individual singers and musical entertainers from world famous groups.  Jugglers and numerous other performers.
Local artists, amateur and professional, nationally acclaimed artists, international and world artists.
On site t-shirt and printing station. Artists painting the scenes live, and giving lessons,
Performance artists.
Promotional opportunities.
Exhibitors and performers have a once in a lifetime chance to show their skills and interest in their abilities and services.
 The dancers and musicians would be showcased in a spectacular location, to possibly hundreds of millions of people.
In the lead up to Liverpool as European Capital of Culture 2008, Liverpool Performs 2006 is the fourth Capital of Culture themed year. A celebration of the city’s reputation for top class performances in the sport, arts and business arenas.
The gallery is using the exhibition to train undergraduates and NVQ students in curating and events management. Art students are acting as stewards and guides to the viewing public and participants.
Long term benefits.
To create work and employment for participants.
To establish that the people of Liverpool can participate in large-scale events.
To create global interest in the art industry in Liverpool.
Will extend access and participation.
Increase skills and creativity.
Improve quality of life.
Disabled access.
St Georges Hall, inside and outside has very good disability access, with help available from stewards.
Best value.
The sporting event will bring significant interest and publicity to Liverpool’s Capital of Culture and generate credibility. The art exhibition working in tandem will compliment and expand the event to increase interest and credibility.
This event is one of the few opportunities available within the next two years for such a large-scale art and performance publicity coup in one complete package.
Any pre-planned, consultant constructed event on this scale would be astronomically expensive in comparison to the opportunity which has grown organically through the renaissance in Liverpool.
Social implications.
Ordinary people will participate in and have full integration, ownership and responsibility for the Capital of Culture. The long-term benefits will grow towards 2008.
Equality implications.
The event has no inequality problems; it can only improve equal participation in mixed communities and societies.
Corporate strategy.
The South Bohemia Gallery acting with it’s associate partners will promote the profile of art in Liverpool through a constructive plan for an art industry in Liverpool exporting its products.
Displaying art, sound and light for performers, literature printing.
Management team.
The team has a large skills base, which has in the past handled multiple art exhibitions, large-scale events management, stage management, and musical productions.  Business and arts consultants have also taken part in the planning and delivery of this event.
Further details will follow as required.


To deliver the project the logistics of the event are crucial. A large number of individuals will be involved over the course of the event.
The art exhibition will involve hanging in excess of 200 pieces of art and displaying various sculpture items within the gallery and corridor areas of SGH. The appropriate stands and facilities will need to be procured.
Various musical performances will take place, both within the confines of SGH and also outside SGH to maximise impact of the event to the general public. This will incorporate solo performers, drummers, choirs and bands. The appropriate sound and light equipment will be required to deliver this element of the project.
In conjunction with SQUASH UK, we have been asked to provide dancers and a 30- piece drum ensemble to ‘usher in’ the major players to the glass squash court. In addition we need to supply an ‘intelligent light show’ with sound as part of the event. Bearing in mind that semi finals and the final will be televised live on SKY SPORTS, it is paramount the technology used is of the best quality.
In addition there will be live ‘performance art’ scheduled during the course of the event.
As stated in the Management section, we have the expertise to deliver.


Procurement of the necessary technology and equipment, publicity and promotion, printing and management and consultancy time will be the major cost areas involved in delivering this project. We are confident that with the financial support and input of Liverpool 08, a fantastic project can be delivered alongside a world-class sporting event that will promote the talent, diversity and opportunities of Liverpool all over the world.

South Bohemia Art Gallery Grand Exhibition

In St Georges Hall 3rd to 7th May

Entry requirements  

Paintings…. All paintings, photographs, art objects must have…..
Secure string, wire, attached for hanging. Properly wrapped.
Printed description by artist, type of media, subject, explanation of piece.
Price, which is subject to control of Art Gallery. A5
Printed biography of artist, with passport size photograph, laminated. A5
All pieces have to be available at the gallery for photographing and cataloguing at least two weeks before display.
The sale of all pieces will be under the control of the gallery, original and copies.
A hanging charge of £10.oo for each piece. Specific exceptions…
Commission on sales will be taken by the gallery.
Any unsold pieces have to be picked up on the last day of event (after 2pm).
Any pieces of work returned to gallery have to be picked up within two days or will be disposed of by the gallery, a charge will be levied.
Must provide a DVD, or video of their act at least four weeks before the event, if suitable they may be shown on the big screen in city centre 10 times a day for up to four weeks before the event.  Subject to discretion.
All entrants must support and promote the identity of the gallery and
Squash UK.
T-shirts, badges, caps, wrist-bands will be available.
Further details and conditions are available from the gallery on…
0151 733 5120 //  0779 114 5190