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Rules, like buttons, are meant to be undone, and Jamie Reid is the original unfastener of all that's been held together and hallowed in Britain over the past thirty years. The image pirate, painter, and sloganeer remains the country's top anti-establishment Big Name Artist. Reid is infamous as the agitator who put the safety pin through the Queen's lip to visually define punk, and it's icons, the Sex Pistols. But for him it was no hip fashion statement or career move. It was a chance to get visual and philosophical ideas through to the mainstream. And that spirit's still firing, on all cylinders.


PRIVATE VIEW – Thursday 15th December 2005*

 On the same evening Microzine will be holding a tribute to Hollywood Icon Steve McQueen, with the ground floor dedicated to exclusive photography and replica merchandise from some of his most renowned films. A charity auction and draw will also be held in conjunction with this event.
PLEASE RSVP  / Tel: 0151 709 7282 if you wish to attend. May be an idea to print
out this page.

Microzine Gallery

65-67 Bold Street


 From 20.00 – 22.30

 Guests will be served complimentary drinks courtesy of Peroni and 3345 Parr Street

 AFTER PARTY –22.30 – 02.00

 *There will be an in-store promotion on the night, excluding artwork.

 This exhibition will be open to the public Dec 16th 2005– Jan 16th 2006

 For information about the exhibition and event at Microzine please contact:

Jackie Dunning
65-67 Bold Street
L1 4EZ

Tel: 0151 709 7282