coop-logo-100SATURDAY 20 November 2010 at the Cooperative. Solo Movements: Wingwalker and MOVES
Explorations of solo performance in dance, poetry and music. Wingwalker present Pete Simonelli
The lead vocalist of Enablers performs his first live spoken word performance in the city.

“He stares and glowers, he barks and hollers, and he contorts his lean frame as though he’s possessed by the tormented souls of the sorry roll call of dropouts, drunks and deadbeats that populate his dark inner city tales. Pete Simonelli is not content to just walk on the wild side; he wants to stop and take a closer look.” Southern
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+ MOVES: Red Rain by Brigit Fiske
‘Red Rain’ by Bridget Fiske
She was delivered water damaged.
A dance theatre solo integrating interactive visual media as digital poetry with live performance.

The Cooperative
The Old Paint Shop
28-32 Renshaw Street, Liverpool, L1 4EF