Tumtum Launch Invite3 September

19.30 – late


Tu M’ Tu M’ is a new art movement announcing a Revolution within the Arts. Tumtumism is rooted in the past whilst built of contemporary means, combining traditional artistic truths with contemporary values, views and styles to evolve the arts. Where ‘Modern Art’ is seen by many as unrelatable; throw-away ideas, juvenile in execution that exist for their own sake, Tu M’ Tu M’ wants to re-spark an interest in craft, a love for knowledge and an application of skill to create art with truth, honesty and beauty that truly matters again.

The night will be hosted by Tu M’ Tu M’ founders Joseph Forrest and Terance McGunigle beginning with an introduction to the ideals and values behind Tumtumism, before we hold an interactive discussion/debate exploring the modern dilema facing contemporary art. We hope the evening will not only be informative and thought provoking, but also enjoyable and fun, as we explore serious topics with both passion and humor. We will also be launching Volume One of of book ‘The Bug’, the first in a series of 6 Volumes written by members of Tum Tum which will explore various aspects of artistic theory and practice via articles, drawings, poetry and prose.

The event is Free and open to anyone. Find out more about Tu M’ Tu M’ at www.tumtum.org.uk