The Seance of Dickens 13CopyrightJackCornes, CC, All Rights Reserved
The Seance of Dickens 13CopyrightJackCornes, CC, All Rights Reserved

13 November


£5 – Tickets are now on sale which you can book at the website below

The Séance of Dickens encapsulates the true meaning of the theatrical audience experience as a show that is entertainingly scary that will play on your senses and leave you wanting more. The Séance of Dickens is a new One Man Theatre Show adapted, written and performed by Actor Franklyn Jacks.

With a vast array of distinct characters and themes this show will take you from the brink of total insanity towards a traumatic revelation.  This is a show that plays heavily on certain occultist paranormal rituals and methods such as Psychomanthium and Ghost Box technology. Franklyn plays the character of Josiah Drood, a rather eccentric man who claims he can contact the dead, a gift that he has had since childhood.

Throughout the course of the show Drood contacts and becomes possessed by some of Charles Dickens’ most famous characters. Prepare to meet Fagin (Oliver Twist) Ebenezer Scrooge, Jacob Marley (A Christmas Carol), Uriah Heep (David Copperfield) and Miss Havisham (Great Expectations) among others. Spooky events and haunting revelations ensue. As the show progresses it becomes apparent that Drood is not all he seems and that events in his personal life may have something to do with Drood’s apparent gift.

Franklyn Jacks is an Actor, Writer and Theatre Practitioner. His performances have been described as ‘enchanting’ and ‘beautiful’. Franklyn is inspired to creating brand new creations within the performance genre and is planning on bringing new pieces of theatre to a host of audiences starting with an original adaptation on one of the world’s greatest writers.

Charles Dickens created some of the most distinctive and complex characters ever seen which was the driving inspiration for this show as Franklyn has delved even further into the mechanisms of these characters to derive their underlying thoughts, feelings and motives. With Dickens looking to tour as many venues and festivals, as well as entertaining as many audiences, as possible in the New Year this show is looking to gain the attention and interest of many Theatre’s and Performance venues. Dickens is also looking to gage the opinion of your artistic opinion which is why your presence at this new piece of Theatre would be greatly received.