sidoliSATURDAY 14 May 13-16.00 at Wall to Wall Gallery, the Home Quarter. Artist Louis Sidoli, who enjoyed a runaway success at Wall to Wall Gallery in 2010 with his ‘Most Wanted’ gallery of ‘bad boys’ is back. Visitors coming to meet Sidoli and see the ‘Most Wanted’ exhibition on Saturday 14th May 2011 will have a unique opportunity to immortalise themselves forever, with their own mug shot transformed into a fabulous work of contemporary art, created by Sidoli himself.

Sidoli came up with the first and ingenious idea to create the original ‘Most Wanted’ collection in 2010. He took some of 20th century’s most iconic bad boys (all of whom had suffered the misfortune of police arrest and an unceremonious black and white mug shot) then he transformed the rogue’s gallery of rock legends,

Hollywood film stars and genuine gangsters into a stunning collection of Warhol-esque Pop Art which was hung at Wall to Wall Gallery last Autumn.  The exhibition was greeted with critical acclaim and revered by collectors and critics alike.

Now Louis is back and during his visit on Saturday 14th May 2011 from 1 – 4pm the general public will have a one off chance to have their very own ‘mug shot’ taken in the gallery and immortalised into a stunning work of original Pop Art by Sidoli to hang on their walls forever.

For anyone who wants to create a truly unique and stylish image of themselves, or create the most original gift for a best friend or loved one, Sidoli is promising to snap your mug shot, police style, apply a personalised message or number to the ‘booking board’, then treat the image Sidoli style with the silk-screened colour of your choice.

Wall to Wall
The Home Quarter
53 – 55 Hanover Street
Liverpool ONE