sunset-4.jpgA couple of excellent live performances last weekend as part of the Meet Me at Sunset exhibition at the Grange in Ullet Road. A really nice exhibition too.

Joanne Ashbridge, a recent JMU Dance / Physical Theatre graduate, performed her ‘Life, Death and Everything In Between’ which started with putting an orange into a microwave and ended with her splashing red wine all over herself.
Nagachoo from Japan performed “Link between ordinary and extraordinary”/ “The Chair”, a lively mix of dance, saxophone playing and sawing one leg off a chair whilst balancing on it.
sunset-1.jpg sunset-2.jpg

The exhibition, as usual, is spread around the large house and is well worth a visit.

Artists: Acitore Artezione, Joanne Ashbridge , Richard Ashworth, Alison Appleton , Nicole Barton, Crina Boros, Oana Camilleri Urcan, Birgit Deubner (that’s her Ladder installation pictured below), Fanchon Fröhlich & ‘Collective Phenomena’, Sue Ironfield, Lynn Jackson, Johanna Leech, Lei Liang, Michael Meldru, Marina Moreno, Nagachoo, Christine Oreilly Wilson, Silviu Pascalin, Irina Dana Popa, Nicholas Ryder-Martyn, Roxana Tohaneanu Shields, Ada Villa, Ruairi Watson
Ullet Grange,
36 Ullet Road,
Liverpool, L17 3BP,
Merseyside, UK
Open: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 1pm-5pm or by appointment.

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Project organised and curated by Nicole Bartos / Gallery4allarts
Supported by Ullet Grange and Romanian Cultural Centre, London