MaxMara Art Prize for Women

Too late, they have already drawn up the shortlist.
Of the 5 artists on the list guess how many don’t live in London.

The Observer headline ‘The new art elite: young, gifted, female ‘ should read
‘The new art elite: young, gifted, female – and London-based’

Judges of the inaugural MaxMara art prize for women have shortlisted five young female artists who stand to win a six-month residency in Italy worth several thousand pounds. They are the painter Anj Smith, photographer Anne Hardy, watercolourist Donna Huddleston, sculptor Rachel Kneebone and film-maker Margaret Salmon….

Link to Observer

UPDATE: F lemare comments that they are not all London-based, it was an Observer error. Apologies for that, I did try to double check by searching for details from other news sources and have just tried again now but can’t find much. Even the Whitechapel gallery which is organising it hasn’t updated their website with the shortlist.