Many thanks to readers who sent me good wishes while I was ill, feeling a bit better this evening. Felt so rotten last night I watched ‘Jack Frost’, a harmless no-brainer of a movie, most of the action involves gangs of obnoxious but cute-looking mid-american kids having snowball fights. Wow! I actually cried during the sad bits though and I couldn’t really spare the tissues.
The Biennial has finished so I asked some eminent art critics to list some of their favourite bits of this internationally acclaimed event but most of them hadn’t bothered to come and see it, they’re still trying to find the Independents area on their London A-Z or they had flown in but just to have a quick look at a couple of the so-called highlights.
So we’ll have to make do with the views of 7 not so eminent bloggers with whom I’m acquainted…

I enjoyed the ‘Streets of Desire’ project hosted by the Jump Ship Rat gallery in the Independents strand which included a lot of work by Columbian artists as well as Mary Fitzpatrick’s photos of post gulf war Kuwait, Megan Fosters paintings and the old Futurist Cinema installation.
How happy I was, missus, to get this pen from The Pooch people at their Cabin Pressure performance. How tickled I was by several live performances at the Bluecoat and by the Transvoyeur people not forgetting Mothman’s wrestling heroics. What a wonderful day it was too, when I saw Daisey Delaney’s windmills around the city streets and Dorrie Halliday’s Urban Angels flying above the grey rooftops.
Arena was where it was all happenin for me, man. Three exhibitions: ROW, Graduates04 and )Bracket THIS(. All good stuff. Also got into serious mode with the SPLICE live debates, I even joined in one of them so I could get my blogger hoody on film (what happens to those films btw?) and watched most of the final one on the web at home.
Of course, I liked the more eccentric stuff. The Novas building, Hortus Botany with its cellar full of strange sounds and the pictures of the snowman with a candle on his head. The Smallpox window in Lewis’s, the Artists in Williamsons Tunnels, Hello Sailor and museumMAN with another dark, damp cellar.
Although there were a fair number of paintings in the John Moores exhib. I disliked, there were far more that I really loved. I thought the first prize winner was dull, Graham Crowley’s ‘Morning’ was my favourite. Also, in the Walker, was the Ritual Bodies interventionist art which I liked.
The Curator Game at the Tate was hip and the ‘Swirl’ infinite ballroom was cool too. I got these far-out 3D specs at a gig in Parr St showcasing Juno’s artwork for bands such as the Zutons. Nice. Also lots of jazzy canvasses at the Loop gallery. Too much
Where’s all this free drink I was promised? Hic!.