image00120 November

Liverpool X is bringing an internationally-recognised collection of creative talents together for a 24-hour event in the city’s Baltic district.

Keynote speakers include leading political thinker Phillip Blond, renowned architect Will Alsop, New York-based editor of Vice magazine Andy Capper and design expert and commentator Stephen Bayley. They will be joined by editor and author Paul Du Noyer – chronicler of Liverpool’s musical heritage – broadcaster Roger Hill, Liverpool Biennial Director Sally Tallant, retailer Lee Fleming and Sound City head Dave Pichilingi amongst many others for an exploration of the city’s economy, culture, radicalism and spirituality.

The event has been conceived and co-ordinated by Liverpool creative agency Archetype in collaboration with journalist and broadcaster Liam Fogarty, with backing from Liverpool Vision, Baltic Creative and the Plus Dane housing group.

“We thought the time was right to ask some fundamental questions about where the city is heading and whether it still retains the capacity for radical thought and expression,” said Archetype Managing Director Jon Egan.

“We believe we have brought together contributors who will have something lasting and thought-provoking to say about the city.”

Liam Fogarty added: “Liverpool X is in part a showcase for a city most Liverpudlians know little about, a city of creative risk-takers

who are re-shaping the place we live in.”

The event will run through the night as well with a performance programme curated by Josh Burke of leading Liverpool promoters Waxxx.

“We were excited to come on board when were saw the scope of the event. We felt it was a natural fit for us and something we’d like to be part of going forward. I was so happy to be able to bring some of Liverpool’s best promoters together for one night where we weren’t in competition, but working with one another. This has been a long time coming and hopefully give people the opportunity to sample lots of new music and new spaces in Baltic Triangle.”

As well as Waxxx, there will be contributions from Everisland, Behind the Wall of Sleep and Lost Art to an eclectic music programme.

Registration for the event is available through the website, and tickets are free.